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Explore the inner workings of the beauty industry through these captivating films and shows. Uncover the advantages of cosmetics, discover new skincare tips and tricks, and witness unique reactions to beauty products. Prepare to indulge in a Netflix binge and gain a newfound appreciation for the fascinating world of beauty.


#1 Tan France

Discover a fresh outlook on Tan France, the fashion expert of Queer Eye, in his thought-provoking documentary Beauty and the Bleach. Tan delves into the controversial world of skin whitening, a multi-billion-dollar industry. With this investigation, he challenges the prevalent issue of colorism and its significant impact on both beauty and society. Brace yourself for some eye-opening discoveries and engaging discussions on this crucial topic.

#2 Explained

Learn about the fascinating world of the beauty industry with Explained, a gripping documentary series from the partnership of Netflix and Vox. Featuring celebrity voices like Kim Cattrall, Sophie Okonedo, and Kristen Bell, and spanning three seasons, this impactful series explores the many facets of diet culture, tattoos, skin, and plastic surgery. Get ready to gain new insights and deepen your appreciation for this dynamic industry.

#3 Orange is The New Black

Orange is the New Black delves into the fascinating world of beauty culture among incarcerated women in Litchfield. Despite limited resources, these women take pride in their appearances and find inventive ways to maintain their personal style – from makeshift paper towel curlers to bold eyeliner and red lipstick. One standout beauty enthusiast is Lorna Morello, who never misses a chance to perfect her look. The series even highlights the importance of a good salon session, with Sophia providing pampering services to fellow inmates.

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#4 Toxic Beauty

Discover the potential dangers lurking in your everyday beauty routine with "Toxic Beauty". This thought-provoking documentary features insights from scientists, doctors, and beauty industry experts as they explore the question, "Are cosmetics and personal care products making us sick?" Follow along as the documentary delves into the lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, whose products have been linked to cancer, and a human experiment measuring the chemical body burden caused by using over 25 products daily. Become informed and take control of your health and wellness.

#5 Queer Eye

In the past, makeover shows were prevalent but often had negative, insulting undertones. However, the Queer Eye reboot has modernized the concept, prioritizing self-confidence and positive vibes. Viewers can still enjoy witnessing transformations but without any belittlement towards the subject. Queer Eye highlights the impact grooming can have on one's confidence, empowering them to pursue their aspirations. Watching an episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted.

#6 Not So Pretty

HBO's latest documentary series, Not So Pretty, delves deep into the beauty industry to uncover the hidden chemicals lurking in our favourite products. This informative four-episode series, narrated by Keke Palmer, sheds light on the potential hazards we often overlook while shopping for cosmetics. Brace Yourself as Not So Pretty exposes the dark side of the beauty industry.

#7 The Get Down

Don't miss out on the 11 existing episodes of The Get Down, despite its unfortunate cancellation. Baz Luhrmann's homage to the '70s hip-hop and disco scene is filled with stunning visuals, from big hair to bold fashion choices and dazzling makeup.

While the show primarily follows teenage boys in the Bronx as they explore the world of hip-hop, the disco element offers a delightful treat for beauty enthusiasts. Actress Herizen F. Guardiola portrays Mylene Cruz, an aspiring disco queen like Donna Summers. Mylene sneaks out with her friends to share her music, providing us with a plethora of inspiration for a night out.

#8 Grace and Frankie

Looking for a show that's both uproariously funny and intellectually stimulating? Look no further than Grace and Frankie, featuring comedy legends Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin. But this show offers more than just laughs - it courageously tackles tough issues like ageism, dating, and yes, even sex toys. You won't be able to stop laughing as Grace preps meticulously for her dates, while Frankie takes a more holistic approach to self-care. Don't pass up the chance to watch this true gem of a show.


Discover the dynamic world of the beauty industry that's always transforming. As consumers demand more transparency, the industry has shifted toward products that not only enhance appearance but promote overall well-being. From captivating visual showcases to thought-provoking documentaries and amusing comedies exploring beauty culture, this curated list guarantees something for every taste.


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