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Figuring out how to make makeup look flawless all day is one of the toughest parts of becoming a beauty pro. Whether you struggle with dry skin, excess oil, or even sweating issues, there’s always a chance your makeup will end up flaking away before you’ve had a chance to make the most of it.

Sometimes, you’ll glance up at the mirror after washing your hands in the office bathroom and notice your makeup melting across your face. Other times, you won’t even notice that your liquid foundation and matte liquid lipstick have disappeared until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a photo.

While some makeup is certainly designed to last longer than others, like those 24-hour lip stains or long lasting makeup powders, your key to long-lasting looks isn’t just in the makeup itself. Sometimes, the steps you take when applying your makeup can be just as important to keep your makeup looking fantastic throughout the day.

Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your makeup routine for a makeup look that stays with you – no matter how long you’re up and active.

Step 1: Wash Your Face Properly Before a Makeup Application

Any makeup artist will tell you the perfect canvas makes a huge difference to how long a makeup look will stay in place. If your face is already covered in oil, old makeup, and other unwanted substances, you’re just adding to the risk that it’s going to disappear during the day.

Start by fully cleaning your face with a cleanser chosen specifically for your skin type. In other words, if you have oily skin, you’re going to need a cleanser that will help you to gain more control over your excess oil. The right cleanser will get your skin feeling and looking fresh, so you’re not applying makeup onto an exhausted canvas.

It’s also worth taking some time to exfoliate before you apply makeup. This is particularly true if you have dry skin, as it will help you to remove unwanted dry skin cells from various areas that might capture excess makeup and powder. Exfoliating will also help to remove excess shine and keep your skin looking great without the need for extra complexion products.

Just be careful not to exfoliate too much. The more you scrub at your face, the more likely you are to damage it and remove the crucial oils your skin needs to stay hydrated.

Finally, once you’re done cleaning, pat your face dry with a towel (rather than scrubbing), and apply moisturizer within about three minutes of washing. This should allow your skin to soak up all the extra hydration, so it’s plump and primed for makeup.

Step 2: Prime Your Skin

It’s hard to imagine a world without primer these days. If you want a day long makeup look, then you need to take your primer just as seriously as your other makeup products. Don’t just assume your moisturizer and primer can do the same thing.

The best makeup primer will help you to create a smooth and even where you can apply your makeup. If you’re going for a full coverage look, you’ll need to make sure you cover your entire face with the primer, and even consider using a specialist eye primer for eye powders. Primer will not only make your makeup last a lot longer, it can also protect your skin too.

Many of the best primers come with SPF and other substances included, to help prevent your long-lasting makeup from being impacted by the sun. You can also use your face primer to achieve specific results. For instance, there are primers out there which are designed to make your skin look like it’s glowing, as well as primers for a matte finish.

Once again, consider researching your options and matching your face primer to your skin type. If you’re going to be using a primer with a tint to it, make sure you choose something that matches your skin tone. Remember to give your primer time to soak in before you start applying makeup.

Step 3: Use the Right Makeup Products

As mentioned above, some makeup products are more likely to last than others. If you want to keep your makeup looking fresh for as longa s possible, it’s worth investing in long-lasting makeup designed with enough staying power to stay strong throughout the day.

For instance, cream blush is more likely to stick with you for longer than a loose powder or mineral powder. Additionally, liquid foundation can often work better for long-term makeup looks than powders too. Consider looking into the different makeup options available for you when you’re looking for a comprehensive look.

Crucially, it’s worth paying extra attention to the makeup products you use on certain areas of your face, where you’re more likely to end up with smudges and melting. For instance, a good lipstick is crucial for staying powder, and your eye makeup will need attention too.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of waterproof eye makeup out there which can be extremely useful for all-day wear. Using waterproof mascara, regardless of if you’re expecting it to rain will ensure you’re protected if you’re exposed to other forms of moisture, like sweat or humidity.

Most waterproof eye makeup products feature a stronger, more resilient formula than non-waterproof alternatives. This is how they’re able withstand the threat of a strong drizzle. Remember, waterproof eye makeup doesn’t just withstand water, it can also be particularly useful if you have oily skin, and your makeup ends up smudging or wearing off due to oil build-up around the eyes.

Step 4: Use Layering Strategically

Different people have different perspectives of “makeup layering”. While some people believe extra layers of makeup will make your look last longer, others think the opposite.  Usually, it’s possible to achieve a freshly-applied look throughout the day by layering makeup carefully.

Start by applying a moisturizer before anything else, then layer on your primer, foundation, concealer, and any powders or setting powder products you may have. For bronzer and blush, make sure you use liquid or cream products place, then seal them with an application of powder over the top.

You can also layer your lipstick to make it last longer too. Applying plenty of lip balm first will help to get your lips in great condition before you add lip pencil to define the shape of your mouth. Follow up with lipstick, and a dusting of setting powder to ensure your pout stays looking fresh.

It helps to blot your lipstick too. This essentially means you dab your lipstick with a piece of tissue paper, and reapply it, then dab again, before you add the final setting powder layer.

Don’t underestimate the power of layering for eye makeup either. Make sure you use the correct eye primer for your eye makeup and don’t forget to prime your eye lashes. You can then apply powder, mascara, and a spritz of setting spray.

When applying layers, remember to allow each layer to dry correctly before you apply the next layer. Additionally, be aware of when you’re layering on too much. Thick and cakey foundation options designed for full coverage are fine by themselves, but they don’t stick to the skin well when used as part of a layering strategy. If you’re going to be using the layering technique, you’re going to need to choose more natural, lightweight face makeup instead.

Step 5: Always Set Everything, Translucent Powder

Similar to primers, setting solutions have grown increasingly popular over the years for people looking to keep their makeup looking fresh. Makeup lovers can choose between translucent powder as a setting solution, or setting spray, depending on their preferences. There are specific makeup setting spray products available for certain needs too, like tools designed for a matte finish.

Setting spray is a simple product you can mist over the entirety of your face to lock in your face makeup, as well as lip products and eye makeup products at the same time. Translucent setting powder is the other product you can add to your makeup collection to keep your makeup looking fresh. This won’t take away from the appearance of your makeup, but it will lock anything you’ve applied into place, like cream blush and liquid foundation.

The great thing about powder is you can apply it everywhere without smearing your appearance – you can even use a small amount of setting powder on your lipstick.

If you want to keep your makeup looking fresh for as long as possible, you could even use a combination of both spray and powder.

While setting spray can set your eyeshadow, it’s not always the most effective tool for sealing eyeliner. Rather, it’s usually much easier to set your eyeliner with eyeshadow. After applying liquid eyeliner, use a think brush to apply an eyeshadow of a similar shade over the top. This creates a barrier against oils and moisture, while preventing smudging.

Quick Tips for Making your Makeup Last Longer

The five steps above should give you plenty of great ways to keep your makeup looking fresh. However, there are a couple of other strategies you can try too. For instance, you’ll usually always find you get a better result from makeup when you use products specially made for your skin type.

For instance, if you have oily skin, using an oil free foundation will stop the makeup from moving around too much on your face due to an oily layer. If you have dry skin, using a form of foundation with a moisturizer built-in will help your makeup to go on smoothly. Nourishing skin with the right makeup products can even stop dead skin cells from breaking off during the day.

Using products specially suited to your needs will also keep your skin in good condition. When you choose the wrong make up and you’re using it for a few hours at a time, you increase your chances of oil build-up and breakouts that lead to problematic makeup application in the future.

Other quick tips to make your makeup last throughout the day include:

·         Use the right tools:Choosing the right tools to apply and set your make up should ensure you get the best results from everything you wear. For instance, use the right eyeshadow blush to layer the right volume of eye makeup over your eye after applying primer. Experiment with sponges and brushes for your foundation too and always make sure you have your hollywood makeup mirror to guide you.

Setting Spray

·         Experiment: Don’t be afraid to play with different kinds of makeup during your makeup application process to make your look last for longer. For instance, you could use a priming spray instead of a cream one day, or apply a setting formula from a spray bottle rather than relying on powder. You’d be surprised how much difference the right products make.

Oily Skin

·         Manage oily areas:Oily areas are common culprits of creating unwanted shine, but they can also cause your face makeup to melt off throughout the day. If you want to ensure you can make your makeup stay put, it’s best to use blotting papers to remove excess oil and keep your skin looking as fresh as possible.

Eye Makeup

·         Consider regular touch ups: If you know you’re going to be putting your makeup under a lot of pressure from the outside world for several hours, consider checking it every so often. Quick touch ups with powder-based products, mascara, and eyeliner will ensure you keep yourself looking fresh all day long.

·         Check the expiration data: Fresh makeup products will always last for a longer period than old and outdated products. Over time, old makeup can begin to deteriorate, which leads to dry, crumbly, or oily items that don’t work as well as they should. If you haven’t changed your makeup in a while, it might be time for something new.

It’s also important to make sure you take your time with your makeup application. Sitting down in front of an illuminated mirror and taking your time will make a huge difference. Not only will your makeup last longer, but you’ll also be able to ensure you don’t make any mistakes with the look you’re going to wear all day.

Don’t Forget to Wash Correctly at the End of the Day

Finally, as important as it might be to try and make your makeup last for as long as possible when you’re out and about, don’t forget to clean your face at the end of the day. It’s crucial to have a cleansing spray or a special makeup removing oil available when you’re done for the day to remove all of the products from your skin.

Cleaning your face properly after you wear makeup all day doesn’t just stop you from suffering from racoon eyes or getting blush all over your pillow. The right cleaning routine at the end of your day can also protect you from breakouts, dry skin, and other common problems. Removing your makeup properly at the end of each day could even help to reduce skin puffiness, and make wrinkles appear less pronounced.

Take the time at the end of each day to fully clean your face, and apply any moisturisers you might use to get your skin back into the perfect condition for the day ahead.

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