Lightweight Wall Mirrors

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A lightweight wall mirror can make a practical addition to any home, perfect for adding depth and light to a space, without the stress of ensuring your wall can handle the weight of an ornate frame. While some walls are perfectly suited to larger, more complex mirrors, a lightweight wall mirror can offer an excellent alternative when you’re not sure about the stability of your wall or space.

These minimalistic mirrors are just as eye-catching and beautiful as the other mirrors available on this website, with the same high-quality materials used throughout. However, with these accessories, you also get the benefit of more lightweight and simplistic styles.

Wall mirrors to suit your room décor

Our lightweight wall mirrors are easy to hang on any room in the home, whether you’re looking for a way to add texture and colour to your home office, or you want to build the illusion of space in your hallway or living room. With various styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something to reflect your personal sense of style.

These beautiful wall mirrors are also perfect for when you might need to move the mirrors around in your home regularly, such as when you’re experimenting with different styles of décor. Find your ideal lightweight mirror in the collection below.

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