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Choosing the perfect mirrors for your house can be a hassle on its own, not to mention deciding on the proper placement of your chosen mirror. 

Especially when it comes to dressing rooms, it can get a bit confusing and you might be tempted to place the mirrors on the nearest wall. 

But what if I told you there are better ways to go about it that will have your dressing room feeling a lot more spacious and look a lot better? It's all in the placement. 

If you're wondering where the ideal position to place your mirrors is, then stay with me to find out.


What's A Dressing Room?

A dressing room is typically where you store your clothes and like the name suggests, that special room, space or corner of your house where you get dressed up. 

So it might not only act as storage for your clothes but also your shoes, jewellery, makeup and other accessories. 

That being said, dressing rooms can come in different forms and must not be separate room all by itself. 

Depending on the layout of your home, how spacious it is, and your personal preference, your dressing room could either be a walk-in closet, a part of your bedroom, an extension of your bathroom or a separate room on its own.


Importance of mirror placement in a dressing room

Mirrors are an important aspect of any home's decor. Not only do they allow us to have a nice view of ourselves but proper placement, and mirror placement contribute significantly to the functionality, aesthetics and psychological aspects of a dressing room. 

If you must skip mirrors in any part of your house then it must not be your dressing room. Here's why: 

  • Full and Accurate Self-Reflection: You'll need to get a full and clear view of yourself when getting dressed which is why it is important to place mirrors strategically. For example, placing mirrors on the walls ensures a complete view of yourself from various angles, aiding in a thorough assessment of your chosen outfit. Mirrors when placed at eye level will provide you with a more accurate reflection, helping you to see yourself as others would and as a result, make better-informed wardrobe decisions. 
  • Better Lighting: Well-placed mirrors can enhance natural or artificial lighting, brightening the dressing room and creating a more visually appealing space for trying on clothes, and putting on makeup. 
  • Illusion of Bigger Space: Mirrors can create an illusion of more space, especially in smaller dressing rooms, making the area seem larger and more comfortable. 
  • Functional Design: A badly placed mirror will not offer the best view. As such you may find yourself slouching or stretching just to get a better view of yourself. But when you consider mirror placement in the overall design of your dressing room, it ensures a practical and functional room layout, making the space enjoyable and efficient for daily use. 
  • Confidence Boost: Ever heard of the saying "If you look good, you'll feel good" Well that's what a thoughtfully arranged dressing room with mirrors does to your mood. Seeing a beautiful reflection of yourself daily can positively impact your self-esteem. That way, you'll be more confident about your appearance. 



Where Should Mirrors Be Placed In A Dressing Room?

Irrespective of where your dressing room is located in your home, it's not complete without a mirror or mirrors, if you like to have multiple reflective surfaces. 

You'll need to have a clear and undistorted view of yourself when and after getting dressed. Plus, you'll also need to consider the overall layout and design of the room to ensure that your mirror is well-placed and adds a cohesive touch to your room. 

To determine which placement is best for your dressing room mirror, let's first look at what Vastu Shastra has to say.


Right Mirror Placement According To Vastu Shastra 

According to Vastu Shastra, mirrors as reflective surfaces are believed to have the ability to absorb negative and channel positive energy, it all depends on where you place them and what they're reflecting. 

As per Vastu, mirrors shouldn't be kept in the bedroom, but if your dressing table is inside your bedroom, then the right mirror placement would be away from the bed so it doesn't reflect the bed or the person on it. 

Another thing to avoid is placing your mirror in a way that reflects the entrance of the bedroom. Vastu also warns against placing broken or rusted mirrors in the bedroom or having bed stands with reflective headboards or decorative ceilings with reflective surfaces. 

Lastly, try to cover up the mirrors or reflective surfaces in your bedroom with a cloth at night when you're asleep or when not in use. Doing this will help maintain the positive energy in the room. 

Okay, enough with the 'don'ts'. As per Vastu, the ideal placement for your dressing table mirror in your bedroom is beside your bed. Another nice spot is on the east or northern wall of your room. 



Right Mirror Placement In a Walk-in Closet Dressing Room

right placement of mirrors in the closet  

If you're more into the luxurious or bougie style, you'll definitely love the idea of having a state-of-the-art walk-in closet as your dressing room. Walk-in closets or wardrobes are visually appealing and have open storage which makes it easy for you to easily sort, organise and pick out your outfit for the day. 

There are two options for mirror placement in your walk-in closet. Interior mirror placement involves installing the mirror inside of the cupboard doors and exterior mirror placement is mounting the mirrors on the outside of your cabinets or wardrobe doors. 

Generally, the best place is outside your closet or wardrobe doors.  


Right Mirror Placement In Bathroom Vanity Dressing Room 

 right placement of mirrors in bathroom

Most bathrooms have a small mirror and cabinet space, where you can store your toiletries but that's not the type we're talking about. A bathroom vanity is a more luxurious and practical option than a regular bathroom mirror. 

If you're lucky to have a wide bathroom or a small hallway leading to the bathroom you can convert it into your dressing room. That way, it'll house your vanity mirror, a dressing table, and shelves to store your undergarments. 

We like this particular type of dressing too because it makes getting ready in the mornings so much easier. 

I mean what's better than stepping out fresh from the shower and not having to walk to a separate room to get dressed when you can do all of that in your bathroom? 

To make sure you have the right placement for your bathroom vanity mirror, first ensure that the mirror is placed at eye level or about 60 inches from the floor, so you can see yourself clearly without having to bend or stretch. 

If you have a tall faucet, the best position to hang your mirror would be 2 or 3 inches above the highest point of the faucet. 

You should also consider getting a mirror with a protective coating or one that is shatterproof, especially if you think there will be much traffic passing by the mirror to reduce the chances of it breaking.


Right Mirror Placement In a Bedroom Dressing Room

Having your dressing room as a part of your bedroom is very common and is best for when you're tight on space. 

The best placement for your bedroom mirror is attaching or hanging it just above a dressing table in a small corner of your room. 

Another option would be to build a customised dressing area that accommodates both your wardrobe or cabinets, a mirror and a dressing table. It all depends on the size of your room and your style. 


Tips for Mirror Placement In A Dressing Room 

1: Match The Mirror Overall Design Theme

What is the design theme of your dressing room? If you're into minimalist decor or style, we suggest opting for a mirror with clean sleek lines like the Ashkirk Glass Framed wall mirror and for a more elaborate theme, go for a vintage mirror or something with an intricate wooden frame like the Antique Silver Hampshire mirror.


2: Use a Mirror To Maximise Natural Light

You already know that mirrors are great for amplifying natural light. You can achieve this in your dressing room by placing your mirrors near windows or other sources of natural light to enhance brightness and provide a more accurate reflection.


3: Position Mirror At Eye-Level

To get the best view of yourself and be comfortable while getting dressed, it's advisable to install mirrors at eye level. So you don't have to strain your neck or stand on tiptoes just to see your reflection in the mirror.


4: Get Full-Length Mirrors

In addition to getting dressing tables or vanities, try to incorporate at least one full-length mirror to assess your entire outfit. Full-length mirrors are perfect for walk-in closets and provide a head-to-toe view that will help you make well-informed wardrobe choices.


5: Consider Mirror Size

Choose mirror sizes that are proportionate to the wall space and the overall dimensions of the dressing room. So it doesn't overwhelm other elements in the room, unless of course, you want your mirror to be the statement piece in the room.


6: Avoid Clutter

While positioning your mirror, ensure that it is not obstructed by furniture or clutter, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view. Allow, be mindful of what is captured in the reflection. For example, if your mirror is facing an open shelf, you might find yourself staring at a messy pile. Instead, try placing your mirror in a way that captures something aesthetically pleasing like an artwork or a decorative piece of furniture.


7: Try Multiple Mirrors

 Having one mirror in your dressing room is great, but having two or more is even better. Consider placing mirrors on different walls to add depth to the space and reduce the feeling of confinement. You can also try a combination of a table-to-vanity mirror and a full-length mirror. One for viewing yourself during makeup application and the other for checking your outfit. Or you can arrange multiple mirrors in various shapes and sizes on an empty wall to serve as artistic decoration.


8: Incorporate Mirrors Into Other Furniture

Your dressing table or cabinet doors aren't the places to hang your mirror. Try adding a shoe mirror to the bottom part of your wardrobe so you can easily check out your new footwear. Or use mirrors strategically to hide the entrance of your jewellery compartment, keeping your valuables safely tucked away. While they are functional, they also create a visually appealing and cohesive design in the dressing room.


9: Consider Lighting Options

You can position mirrors near light sources to distribute light evenly or you can opt for lighted mirrors that mimic natural lighting and will ensure a well-lit dressing area at any time of the day. There are lots of lighted mirror options to choose from at Hollywood Mirrors.


10: Consider The Frame Style

Mirrors look great with or without frames but if you do decide to get a framed mirror, choose the one that complements the overall decor theme, as this will add a touch of style to the dressing room. For example, if your dressing room decor is modern style then you can try the Octagon Bowie mirror and for a vintage look get the Wooden Cheval floor length mirror.


11: Consider The Functionality And Accessibility

The primary purpose of putting a mirror in a dressing room is so you can get a nice and clear view of yourself, if the mirror is not serving this purpose then it's no longer functional. Ensure that your dressing room mirror is placed in a spot that is easily accessible from key areas like the closet or changing space, optimising the dressing room's functionality.




Choosing the right placement for your dressing room mirror doesn't have to be a hassle.

Whether your dressing room is part of your bedroom, bathroom or a separate walk-in closet, you can achieve an effective and aesthetically pleasing mirror placement simply by incorporating these tips. 

And if you're still unsure of what size, style or shape of mirror to get, then check out this article on the Best type of mirrors for dressing rooms.

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