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Every dressing table needs a great mirror.

But not all looking glasses are created equal.

When you’re sitting in front of your dressing table mirror, getting ready for a big night out, you’ve found your special spot. It’s your cosy and warm little corner of the world.

It’s also where the magic happens. This is where you complete all of those beautiful tasks that we sum up so neatly with just two words: getting ready.

Whether it’s for a night out, an interview, or just an ordinary day, you need a place to prepare for the occasion.


Hand-Crafted Hollywood Mirrors

Every one of the mirror products below is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom by a craftsperson with many years of experience.

The designs infuse your dressing area with a glamorous yet homey atmosphere.

The LED bulb illumination surrounding the glass provides the perfect lighting to help you look your best.

And now, we’re here to assist you in choosing the perfect mirror.

Check out these four great mirror options to complement your small dressing table.

The Alicia White Edge Brand

bedroom dressing table furniture with white colour and material drawers
Alicia Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights 80 x 60cm

Who doesn’t dream of having their very own fabulous dressing area?

The Alicia White Edge Mirror will create that space. The design is understated and gorgeous.

"Excellent product. Really sturdy mirror and the lights are fantastic! Love the fact there is a dimmer switch too! Finishes off my bedroom nicely!"

- Gina King, November 25, 2020

It’s also incredibly well-designed for practical use, with an array of LED bulbs to provide the exact amount of lighting that you need.

Flawless makeup and hair are within easy reach. And you’ll feel like a superstar every time you get ready.

Here are the Alicia White Edge design specifications:

  • 80 cm tall by 60 cm wide
  • 12x 3-watt LED bulbs
  • High gloss white base for free-standing on dressing room tables
  • Fixtures included for wall installation
  • Dimmer for lighting control
  • Edge to edge surface design

The Alicia White Edge Mirror has all of the features you need to take control of your personal prep time. It’s a classic look with all the benefits of modern lighting technology.

In fact, the edge to edge surface design maximises the functional size of the glass surface. The dimmer switch even allows you to control the lighting level.

Plus, you can choose from a free-standing set-up on your small dressing table or a wall installation.

This mirror is a great choice for beauty professionals. It’s also a fantastic addition to your dressing room or bedroom. 

The Hepburn Brand

stylish bedroom dressing table furniture with white colour, stool and drawers
Style Mirror with Lights - Landscape 60 x 80cm

Would you like to channel the glamour and sophistication of Hollywood’s golden age?

Perhaps the Hepburn Mirror is the perfect choice for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being fabulous. You’re amazing – and you deserve an amazing space in your home where you can get ready in style.

The Hepburn design is similar to the Alicia White Edge model, with some differences in the specifications.

Here are the Hepburn’s specs:

  • 60 cm tall by 80 cm wide
  • 11x 3-watt LED bulbs
  • High gloss white base for free-standing on dressing room tables
  • Fixtures included for wall installation
  • Dimmer for lighting control
  • Edge to edge surface design

"Absolutely stunning Hepburn Mirror. Arrived the very next day as promised if ordered before 11am. Very well packaged, just the most beautiful mirror I’ve ever seen! I love it. Highly recommend this company and the product of course. Thanks again! Kate x" - Kate Thorpe, April 9, 2021

The Hepburn Mirror features a broader design, at 80 cm in width. If you have ample room on your small dressing table, this is an excellent fit to provide a wide view.

The LED bulbs around the perimeter give off the ideal illumination for applying makeup, putting on jewellery, and completing your beauty routine

The Olsen Brand

modern bedroom dressing tables with material drawers and stool
Olsen Hollywood Mirrors with Lights 50 x 39cm

The Olsen Mirror is a slightly smaller yet very versatile choice.

Is your dressing area a bit of a tight squeeze? That doesn’t mean it can’t be spectacular.

You just need a dressing table mirror as dynamic as you are. The highly mobile rotating Olsen model might be the one for you.

Here’s what you’ll get with an Olsen:

  • 50 cm tall by 39 cm wide
  • 12x 3-watt LED bulbs
  • Standing base with 360-degree free rotation 
  • Smart performance memory lighting with adjustable brightness


"Great quality product and loved that there was minimal assembly required. Just plug and go." - Stephanie Potts, March 29, 2021

The Olsen Mirror comes mounted on a slim base platform. This is an excellent fit to place directly on your small dressing table.

The glass is attached by vertical posts on either side of the frame. This allows the surface to rotate front and back in a full 360-degree arc.

So, no more awkward leaning and uncomfortable neck positions to properly see yourself during makeup application. With the Olsen model, you can always find the perfect angle.

It gets better — did we mention the smart performance lighting?

Your personal care routine requires crystal clear visibility of colours and lines. Now you can find the perfect lighting intensity to illuminate those details.

Just tap the glass to activate the LED bulbs. Then select your lighting level: warm lighting or daytime glow.

The smart performance lighting memory function will save your lighting level choice. Next time you activate the lights, they’ll return to the preferred level that you last used.

With these dynamic features, the Olsen is a versatile choice for those who take great care in their beauty routine.

The Audrey Brand

Audrey Hollywood Mirror in White Gloss 100 x 80cm
Audrey Hollywood Mirror in White Gloss 100 x 80cm

For a unique aesthetic, consider the elegant Audrey Mirror.

We wouldn’t name it after the incomparable Miss Audrey Hepburn if it wasn’t a stunning piece of art.

Rather than edge to edge glass, the Audrey design includes a full perimeter frame.

LED lighting mounted on the white frame creates a bright yet warm illumination.

The aesthetic is sophisticated and classy, and the lighting is perfect for getting your hair and makeup just right.

Here’s the full specifications list for the Audrey Mirror:

  • Surface dimensions: 61 cm tall by 81 cm wide
  • Frame dimensions: 2.5 cm tall, 108 cm wide, and 26 cm deep
  • 13x 3-watt LED bulbs
  • Fixtures included for wall installation
  • Dimmer for lighting control
"I have wanted something like this for years. I recently redecorated my dressing room and this was the finishing touch. Feels so special and I have done away with my magnifying mirror as I don’t need it with the new mirror."
- Jeannette Clarke, April 16, 2021

The choice is yours: mount the mirror on your wall or fit it into its stand to place on your dressing table.

The stand is a chic glossy white colour.

Imagine sitting in front of your Hollywood mirror, pulling your favourite jewellery from your dressing table drawers, getting ready to apply your best look.

The Audrey mirror is a stunning choice for your dressing table, bedroom, or vanity

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