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Are you curious about the state of beauty in the United Kingdom?

So are we?

That is why at Hollywood Mirrors, we decided to conduct a recent study to know which UK city is the vainest.

Our findings will surprise you.


Using data from Google Trends, we examined search volumes for beauty-related terms such as 'skincare,' 'makeup,' 'haircare,' 'salon,' 'spa,' 'body care,' 'cosmetic treatment,' 'nail,' and 'beauty treatments.' 

The results are in, and they might surprise you! 

The Most Beauty Obsessed Cities in UK 

1: Lincoln: The Beauty Capital of the UK

With a ranking index of 37.46, Lincoln emerges as the most beauty-obsessed city in the UK. Residents of Lincoln are actively seeking out information and services related to beauty, indicating a strong interest in maintaining and enhancing their appearance. From skincare routines to the latest in cosmetic treatments, Lincolnites are at the forefront of beauty trends.


2: Derby and Cambridge Follow Closely

Derby, with a ranking index of 18.83, and Cambridge, with an index of 18.08, take the second and third spots, respectively. Both cities show a significant engagement with beauty topics, reflecting a community that values self-care and aesthetic appeal. Whether it's booking a spa day or finding the perfect makeup look, residents of these cities are keen to stay updated.

3: Durham and Ely: Rising Stars in Beauty Obsession

Durham (15.64) and Ely (11.67) are not far behind, showcasing a growing interest in beauty and wellness. These cities are becoming hotspots for beauty enthusiasts, with a noticeable uptick in searches related to beauty treatments and products. This trend highlights a broader movement towards prioritizing personal care and wellness.


The Least Beauty Obsessed Cities

On the other end of the spectrum, some cities show a significantly lower interest in beauty-related searches. The three least beauty-obsessed cities in the UK are:

  • Worcester (0.95): With the lowest ranking index, Worcester residents seem to have the least interest in beauty-related topics.
  • Southampton (1.51): This city also shows a low engagement with beauty searches, indicating a lesser focus on beauty and self-care among its residents.
  • Nottingham (1.61): Nottingham ranks slightly higher but still remains among the least beauty-obsessed cities in the UK.



The UK as a Whole: A Beauty-Conscious Nation

Interestingly, when considering the entire UK, the country shows a robust beauty search activity with a ranking index of 12.55.

This national average underscores the widespread appeal of beauty and self-care across the country. From bustling metropolises to quaint towns, the desire to look and feel good is a common thread.


Other Noteworthy Cities

  • Milton Keynes (10.21): Known for its modern infrastructure, Milton Keynes also boasts a significant beauty-conscious population.
  • Wakefield (9.84): This city shows a strong affinity for beauty, ranking high in our index.
  • Preston (8.54) and Lancaster (7.98): Both cities exhibit considerable interest in beauty-related searches, reflecting their residents' commitment to personal care.


What Drives Beauty Obsession?

Several factors contribute to a city's beauty obsession. Cultural influences, the presence of beauty influencers, accessibility to beauty services, and socioeconomic factors all play a role.

Cities like Lincoln and Derby might have thriving beauty industries, offering residents ample opportunities to explore and invest in beauty and wellness.



The study sheds light on the cities leading the charge in beauty obsession in the UK. From Lincoln to Lancaster, these cities are setting trends and redefining beauty standards. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or a casual consumer, these insights offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of beauty across the UK.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how these trends develop. One thing is clear: the UK's passion for beauty is unwavering, and these cities are at the heart of it.


Our Methodology

To determine the most beauty-obsessed cities in the UK, we conducted an in-depth analysis of online search behavior related to beauty topics.

Here’s a detailed look at the methodology used in this study:

Data Collection

1: Google Trends Data: We utilized data from Google Trends to identify the search volumes for specific beauty-related terms across various cities in the UK.

The terms included:

    • Skincare
    • Makeup
    • Haircare
    • Salon
    • Spa
    • Body care
    • Cosmetic treatment
    • Nail
    • Beauty treatments

2: Google Keyword Planner: The total online population for each city was sourced using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This provided us with an estimate of the number of internet users in each city who are likely to search for beauty-related topics.


Data Analysis

  1. Search Volume Aggregation: We aggregated the monthly search volumes for the selected beauty-related terms for each city to get the total monthly search volume. This step ensured that we captured a comprehensive picture of the beauty search activity in each location.
  2. Normalization: To account for the differences in population size among the cities, we normalized the data by calculating a ranking index. The ranking index was determined using the following formula:


Ranking Index=Total Monthly Search VolumeOnline Search Volume×1000\text{Ranking Index} = \frac{\text{Total Monthly Search Volume}}{\text{Online Search Volume}} \times 1000Ranking Index=Online Search VolumeTotal Monthly Search Volume​×1000

This formula allowed us to standardize the search volumes relative to the online population of each city, making the data comparable across different cities.



  1. Index Calculation: We calculated the ranking index for each city, which provided a normalized measure of beauty-related search activity. This index reflects the relative intensity of interest in beauty topics among the residents of each city.
  2. Ranking Determination: Based on the ranking index, we identified the top cities that demonstrated the highest levels of beauty obsession. These rankings highlight the cities where beauty and self-care are most prioritized by the residents.



  1. Insights and Trends: We analyzed the ranking index to draw insights and identify trends in beauty obsession across different cities. This helped us understand the underlying factors contributing to high beauty interest in certain locations.


By following this rigorous methodology, we ensured that our findings are accurate and reliable, offering valuable insights into the beauty preferences and behaviors of UK residents.

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