Along with diva directors shouting through megaphones and huge, luxurious silver trailers, a mirror surrounded with bright lights is synonymous with our image of Hollywood glamour. We instantly picture dressing rooms full of flowers from adoring fans and golden age starlets.


These are not images that people generally associate with their very own, humble bathroom, but mirrors with lights in their various forms are a really gorgeous design choice that will bring a beautiful touch of glamour to any home. Not only are they a stunning style statement, their bright or soft lights allow for precise makeup application, shaving and hair styling.


You might not be applying quite as much eyeliner and blusher as a chorus line dancer, but there’s no reason why you can’t have the same beautifully illuminated mirror at home. With a Hollywood, light up mirror, you can turn your bathroom or bedroom into your very own private dressing room. We can’t help you with the hundreds of bouquets of flowers though; you’ll have to get those adoring fans on your own.


Mirrors designed for glamour


Hollywood makeup mirrors surrounded by golf ball shaped bulbs, have been a popular choice in TV, theatre and film production for about a century. Stage makeup in particular needs to stand up to the tough glare of strong lighting from above and below, so carefully applied foundation, powder and bold eye makeup is an essential part of the process. Without it, the faces of stars would fade into the background, and certainly wouldn’t be visible to those in the cheap seats at the back.


The light bulbs which surround the mirrors backstage give the makeup artist a good idea of how the performer’s face is going to look under stage or set lighting, so it’s an indispensible tool to many beauty professionals. Light can drastically affect the way makeup appears, and natural light isn’t always available.


This particular style of mirror – large, sometimes as tall as the ceiling, and surrounded by bright, illuminating bulbs – was first made with comparatively low-tech incandescent bulbs. These were a cheap alternative to naked flames and oil and gas lamps when they first became commercially available in the early 1900s. Now the world has moved on, they have been outlawed in many countries for being inefficient and unsafe when compared to modern alternatives.


From 1959, Hollywood vanity mirrors transitioned to use halogen bulbs. They were significantly more efficient than incandescent, but still emitted heat. Surrounding a mirror with bulbs that gradually became very, very hot was an obvious hazard, which is why many mirrors with lights were developed to include cages around the individual bulbs to protect wandering hands. Touching the glass casing of a halogen bulb that has been on for a while can be particularly painful, for obvious reasons. Beauty can sometimes be painful, but that’s not quite what makeup artists have in mind.


Halogen bulbs made way for fluorescent bulbs in the 1990s – 90 years after the now very old fashioned incandescent bulb – these were four times more efficient than their predecessors. They have a lifetime of around 20,000 hours, and are significantly more reliable than any kind of bulb that came before. Now the LED mirror is paving the way, with an impressive bulb lifetime of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. They don’t radiate any heat, they save about 40% more energy than fluorescent bulbs, though they are understandable a little bit pricier.


The safety of the LED light has meant that mirrors with lights can be redesigned and developed even further. Backlighting, soft glows, light effects, illuminated edge, and the traditional Hollywood bulb are all possible with LED lights. They save the owner a significant amount of money on their electricity bill, and don’t need to be changed regularly because of their impressive lifetime.


Bring Hollywood to your bathroom


The place where you shower, apply your makeup, shave, or simply just inspect your skin, should be your very own palace. The bathroom is one of the centres of the home, but many treat it with a utilitarian plainness. It’s a lot easier than you think to bring glamour to your bathroom; you just need to make a few bold design choices, starting with that all-important mirror.


Bathroom LED mirrors with lights and bulbs can become the entire feature of the room, especially now that a plain, white bathroom suite is the only option and the days of avocado-coloured baths have thankfully gone.



One of our wall mounted Hollywood mirrors is the perfect way to stroke your vanity. (Go on, it’s not a crime) It features 13 cool to the touch LED light bulbs, which glow brightly and illuminate whoever’s looking into it. It can be dimmed and adjusted to your liking, includes a 3 metre long power cable and can be easily and safely mounted on a wall if preferred.


Is an LED mirror in your bathroom a reliable addition? It’s an understandable question. Fancy features and embellishments can often be associated with breakdown or flimsiness – style without substance. There’s no need to worry about the quality of this Hollywood mirror though, the bulbs have a warranty of 5 years and the build is CE and RoHS certified for safety.



Dressing tables to die for


A woman’s dressing table is a crucial part of her getting ready process. Some have a pristine arrangement with matching bottles and minimal clutter, and others have a more haphazard approach – everything out and everything within reach, just how she likes it. It’s every woman’s prerogative.


No matter what the person’s attitude to cosmetic organisation, an illuminated mirror would be a great addition to their dressing table and morning routine. Not everyone applies their makeup while leaning over the bathroom sink, this is for the woman who likes to take her time and potentially reapply her eyeliner two or three times. They’re definitely going to need to take a seat, at the very least.


Our beautiful Hollywood mirrors are also available in a more subtle white gloss for neutral colour schemes, and black gloss for those who like deep, bold colours and aren’t afraid of making an impact.


Our stunning portrait Hollywood light bulb mirror has a beautifully glossy freestanding base, but can also be mounted on the wall above a dressing table. It includes 10 25 Watt LED bulbs which are energy efficient and cool to the touch. They will last for 5 years under warranty too, so you won’t be replacing them every five minutes, or have to put up with uneven illumination! The bulbs can also be dimmed to your liking, and like all of our LED mirrors, the high quality build is CE and RoHS certified.


Why LED lights are the best for makeup application


White light is the most like natural light, whereas warm, yellowish bulbs are too forgiving and will hide the blemishes and colour inconsistencies that you really want to see. You can’t hide a spot if you can’t see it!


Fluorescent lights are often used in offices and large shops – they’re cheap and bright, but they wash the skin out and make us look quite different. If you’ve ever looked in a public bathroom mirror and thought you suddenly looked quite ill, that’s why.


Because fluorescent lights are cheaper than LED, many illuminated mirror manufacturers use them. We definitely don’t, our bulbs are quality white LEDs that are chosen specifically for precise and thorough makeup application. Our mirrors dimmer functions are also crucial, because they allow you to see your face in different levels of light – it’s a much more accurate picture of your look than a bright, fluorescent wash out. Before you next contour, check what kind of bulbs you’re using to light your skin.


Not only is the variety of bulb, and warmth of the light important to note, the shape of the lights is crucial too. Ring lights, and lights that surround rather than come from one isolated, fixed source, are a much better choice because the light diffuses across the face naturally and it highlights detail in every area. Much like natural light – which comes from all around us – it allows for the most accurate illumination.


If you’ve ever seen behind the scenes of a photo shoot (or rather professional makeup tutorial), you’ll know that many professionals use ring lights to illuminate their models. If in doubt, use what the professionals use!


Our Hollywood mirrors use this ring style, bathing the face in white light which is all encompassing, and allowing for truly accurate makeup application.


How do I introduce a Hollywood mirror to my home?


The style of mirrors used in the home has evolved dramatically from the gothic and baroque, to angular Art Nouveau in the 1910s. Now, any style can be incorporated into your home, whether modern or classical. We’re in the fortunate position to be able to look back throughout history and pick and choose our favourite styles.


Mirrors with lights may seem entirely 21st Century, but we’ve cultivated the classic early 20th Century Hollywood mirror style to create designs that are both vintage and contemporary. You don’t have to choose something ultra modern and clinical when it comes to mirrors with lights – backlights and infinity style illuminated mirrors can be a little too Star Trek for some.


At Hollywood Mirrors, we often work with interior designers who love our products, and it’s our belief that the most beautifully designed rooms incorporate styles from different eras, countries and colour schemes. We’ve ensured that our mirrors are designed to fit into many decors and designs. Your traditional, romantic bedroom furniture might benefit from a subtle, pearlescent white Hollywood mirror, for example. Or the dark burgundy accents in a bathroom would look incredible with one of our wall mounted illuminated mirrors studded with bright, white bulbs.



Our LED bathroom mirrors have both style and substance, and are chosen by those who want a bold interior feature, which genuinely adds to their makeup routine as well as impresses anyone who happens to see it. Many makeup artists, hairdressers and even TV production studios have used our Hollywood mirrors – bringing that classic, golden age glamour bang up to date in the 21st Century, helping them beautify the celebrities of today.


Bring Hollywood glamour home


If you’re looking at your current bathroom mirror and feeling like you need a bit more glamour injected into your morning routine, it’s time to make the move towards a beautiful Hollywood mirror.


Before you choose, it’s important to decide whether you need a wall-mounted light up mirror or a freestanding mirror with lights. Wall-mounted will require the wall strength to be tested and use of a cable-wire tester. It might be worth getting a professional to take a look for you, so you can guarantee the mirror is safely fixed and won’t be damaged.


Since 2005, we have been creating Hollywood mirrors for those with a flair for unique design, sparkle and glamour. When we first developed the design, we worked closely with the commercial makeup artist industry to ensure our mirrors were manufactured with precision makeup application in mind. The materials, function and style reflect this perfectly, and we cater for both professional makeup artists and makeup-loving consumers too!

We deliver to mainland UK for free.

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