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When was the first time you bought a mirror for your home or room?

If you’re like most people, it was during your college years — when you didn’t have much except for the small stipend you received from your parents/guardians. Something that rarely helped with looking good and following the latest fashion trends.

But there was one piece that was critical to nailing that perfect look: a mirror.

If someone were to ask you, “How much thought do you put into buying a mirror?” What would you say?

You’d probably say that you just pick whatever you think will fit the intended room. And that’s how it’s always been — unless you’re an interior designer or know your mirrors.

However, when you’re buying the best mirror with lights available, you’ve got to put more thought into it. You’ve got to think about the type, having a frame vs. no frame, shape, and size.

All these considerations will help you get the best light-up mirror for you.

Fortunately, we’ve done extensive research and compiled the best mirrors for your home, based on the considerations above. These include:

  1. Elaine Ultra Slim Mirror — Best for bathrooms 
  2. Hepburn Mirror — Best for makeup  
  3. Mariah Full-Length Mirror — Best full-length option

Bathroom Mirror With Lights — Elaine Ultra Slim Mirror

Mirrors are needed, as they give the illusion of more space (especially in small bathrooms).

If your bathroom lacks adequate natural light, you can install lighting around the mirrors to give off the illusion of additional illumination.

Alternatively, you can buy our Elaine Ultra Slim bathroom mirror which incorporates LED lights for an easier morning routine. 

It has an ultra-slim profile and a chic finish that will complement your bathroom interiors. Plus, they’re stylish and practical as they have a motion sensor to turn on the lights.

Edge LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Lights
Edge LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Lights

These mirrors are also CE and RoHS certified, which means they are compliant with the United Kingdom restrictions of hazardous substances. 

Freedom From Fog

Every time you shower and head over to your mirror to get ready, do you notice the fog? 

If you’ve encountered such a predicament, you can either get used to wiping the mirror down or invest in a light-up mirror.

LED Illuminated bathroom mirrors can come with a full-size demister pad that heats up your mirror’s surface and prevents fog build-up. 

Shape and Style to Fit Your Space

Bathroom mirrors come in various styles and shapes, including, oval, rectangular, round, and square.

Bathrooms typically have limited space, and the last thing you need is a mirror that takes it all up — you don’t need full-size mirrors in a small bathroom when you can have small mirrors that serve the same purpose.

Fortunately, our illuminated bathroom mirror is 80 x 60cm. It’s not the largest or smallest bathroom mirror out there, but it’s often the exact right size.

Its minimalistic style also means you can hang it either in a portrait or landscape position. 

It's a Vanity 

If you’re getting a vanity mirror, you need to consider function and proportion — ideally, vanity mirrors are either the same width or smaller than the vanity.

In some cases, it’s better to get a custom-made mirror that’s an exact fit to the space you want it to occupy.

You want the mirror to offer at least 30cm of coverage above your eye line and 30cm below in terms of height. Taking this into consideration, our bathroom mirror would be an excellent fit for your vanity. 

Makeup Mirrors — Hepburn Mirror

In theory, any mirror can work — but you need proper lighting to perfect your makeup. This is where our Hollywood mirrors come into play.

The Hepburn Mirror comes with 11 LED bulbs that are cool and energy-efficient. It’s the kind of mirror that will provide the perfect illumination for doing your makeup, as well as the Instagram selfie thereafter. 

Hepburn Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights
Hepburn Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights - Landscape 60 x 80cm

It also offers the following features:

Incredible Lighting for Greater Clarity 

Makeup mirrors are incomplete without lighting — preferably LEDs.

Generally, you want natural lighting, but this isn’t always available in all rooms. In fact, a quick look at the current housing market in the U.K., and you’ll realise that most of the houses have low natural lighting.

If you think about your routine, it probably starts in the morning at around 5–7am. It’s dark outside, and you need to get read before you leave for work.

This brings us to Hollywood mirrors — fixtures that emit light very similar to natural daylight.

Your options range from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. However, LED bulbs are preferable as they have a longer lifespan and produce crisp, bright light. You can expect this and more from our Hepburn Mirrors.

In addition to LED lights, they have a dimmer switch that gives you control over the brightness.

If you’re going to an outdoor or a well-lit event, you’ll want your makeup to look its best. Thanks to the dimmer control, you can simulate different light settings, as seen in this review by Andrea Kimberly.

"This mirror is absolutely stunning and such a game changer for doing my makeup. Really easy to put together and its a nice weight. Worth every penny in my opinion, yes you can find cheaper but you don't get the quality like you do with Hollywood mirrors plus the bulbs come out and you get 5 year warranty which you don't get with cheaper ones. I've always wanted one of these and I'm so glad I waited till I could afford to get the official one. I highly recommend, really finishes my room nicely :) thank you." - Megan Jones, May 30, 2021

A Simple Mounting Style 

Where do you typically place your makeup mirror? Do you prefer having it in the bathroom or near the dressing table? 

If it’s the former, you might want to get a bathroom light-up mirror. On the other hand, if it’s near the dressing table, you can get tabletop light-up mirrors.

The idea is that you’re purchasing a light-up mirror to help you get ready. So, you need to mount it where it’s most effective.


Hepburn Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights
Hepburn Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights - Landscape 60 x 80cm

If you intend to place the light-up mirror on the dressing table, ensure that the mirror complements your decor. You’ll be looking at this mirror almost every day; it should look stylish.

Another option would be a portable mirror that you can use anywhere you please. Ideally, choose a portable light-up mirror that has magnification features. Typically, magnification mirrors have two sides — one that’s magnified and another that’s not.

Full-Length Mirror — Mariah Full-Length Mirror

Getting ready is more challenging when you can’t see your entire outfit. Something just doesn’t feel right, and you can’t see if your top matches well with your pants or shoes.

You need to see your full reflection, which is challenging when you’re working with smaller mirrors.

You can remedy these issues by purchasing a full-length mirror. But first — before you rush to get your perfect full-length mirror — don’t forget to check the glass. If the quality of it is substandard, it’ll warp your reflection.

Ideally, you want high-quality glass, as seen in the Mariah Full-Length Mirror.

The quality is arguably its most impressive feature, as it produces crisp and true-to-life reflections. You won’t have to deal with warping that distorts how you look.

Mariah Full Length Hollywood Mirror
Mariah Full Length Hollywood Mirror 160 x 60cm

"I can’t express how much I love this mirror! The lighting is perfect and the dimmer switch is a lovely touch. It’s the perfect size and the quality of the mirror is well worth the money, can’t recommend this enough."
- Hannah Wilkinson, January 22, 2021

The Mariah full-length mirror is the ideal bedroom piece, as it stands at 160 x 60cm and can be mounted on a wall. It features a stylish design that includes 22 bright white lights, and it weighs 32kgs.

Fun, Focus, and Functionality 

Why do you need a full-length lighted mirror? Do you want to see your outfits, or get better illumination in your bedroom?

If you intend to see your outfits, you’ll need to place the mirror close to the door or near your closet.

Also, consider your height when deciding. For example, the Mariah Full-Length Mirror stands at 160cm, making it perfect for anyone closer to that height. 

A Stunning Statement Piece 

Such mirrors are not just functional — they’re also aesthetically pleasing.

Mirrors can be statement pieces if you choose them wisely.

For example, Mariah mirrors have 22 bright bulbs that will capture the attention of anyone who enters the room. That means they aren’t the kind of mirror that you hide behind a door or in the bathroom. 

What You Should Consider Before You Get a Light-Up Mirror 

You can get a cheap mirror down the street or from any online store. However, the biggest issue is always quality — something that cheap mirrors lack.

Quality determines how long the mirror will last, how long the bulbs will last, and how accurate your reflection will be.

Think about how long you want to use the light-up mirror for and purchase one that will last.

Enjoy illumination like never before with pieces like our Hepburn Mirror, as well as many others.

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