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When it comes to getting ready for the day, we often don't give much thought to the mirror we're using. 

Yet, that reflective surface on our dressing table plays a crucial role in our daily grooming routine. 

From knotting the perfect tie, or drawing the perfect winged liner, to checking out our overall outfits. It's important that whatever dressing table mirror you choose fulfils its purpose of providing a clear, undistorted reflection. 

In this light, if you've ever wondered about the type of mirror you're looking into, whether it's concave or convex, we have the answer.  

A dressing table mirror is typically flat or plane. These types of mirrors are the most commonly used for mirrors in the home, especially in the bedroom and bathroom because they provide a true representation of the object being reflected. 

The only difference is that the objects are reversed from left to right while all other features remain the same including size, height and width. 

Although there are exceptions to this. Not all dressing table mirrors are flat or plane. Some are concave mirrors which curve inward and are commonly used in makeup mirrors to provide a magnified view. 

If you want to be more intentional about your grooming needs, you'll need to pay special attention to what type of dressing table mirror you'll need.


Types of Mirrors

All dressing table mirrors can serve as makeup mirrors, but not all makeup mirrors can serve as dressing table mirrors. 

This is why you need to understand the mirror types to choose the right one for you. Understanding these mirror types and their characteristics allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whether it's for a quick check before heading out or for more intricate grooming tasks, the right mirror can make a significant difference in your daily routine. 

There are three common types of mirrors and they are flat, concave and convex mirrors.


1: Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors also called plane mirrors have a smooth, even surface which enables them to reflect light without distorting the image. And because of this feature, it's the most used in home decor. 

You'll find them in everyday mirrors on walls, dressing tables, or bathrooms. They provide a true-to-life reflection and are essential for routine tasks like combing hair or checking your outfit.


2: Concave Mirrors 

Concave mirrors curve inward, resembling a bowl or spoon. They typically have a spherical shape and can magnify and focus light.

Concave mirrors are used in applications where magnification is needed. For example, makeup mirrors and shaving mirrors often use concave surfaces to provide a closer and more detailed view. 

The magnification level of these types of mirrors can be anywhere between 2x to 20x, all specifically made so you can see the tiniest of details. Concave mirrors are also used in certain scientific instruments like telescopes. 


3: Convex Mirrors 

Convex mirrors are complete opposites of concave mirrors because they curve outward rather than inwards thereby creating a bulging effect. This bulging effect is what gives it the ability to reflect a wider area than flat mirrors. 

Convex mirrors are often used for security and safety purposes, such as in traffic mirrors. They are the least used types of mirrors for dressing tables, but if you wish to have a custom made for your home, it can be useful for observing a larger portion of your appearance at once. 



Dressing Table Mirrors: Concave Vs Convex Which Is Best?

We've already established the fact that most dressing table mirrors are made from either flat or concave mirrors. So going ahead to choose a convex mirror is not only impractical but you'll probably not find one that works well with a dressing table in the market. 

Now that convex mirrors are out of the question, you still have to decide between flat or concave mirrors. Well, the choice depends on personal preferences and specific grooming needs. 

If you prefer an overall view with enhanced lighting, a flat mirror might be the better fit. However, for detailed tasks like makeup application or shaving which requires close attention, then a concave mirror with magnification is likely more suitable. 

But who says you can't have both? If you can afford it and have ample space in your home then it's okay to opt for a combination of both to meet your different grooming requirements.

Finally, the "best" mirror depends on how you use it and what aspects of your appearance you prioritise in your grooming routine.  


Things To Consider When Choosing a Dressing Table Mirror

The mirror type isn't the only factor to consider when choosing a mirror for your dressing table.

You'll need to consider several other factors like: 

1: Size

Consider the available space on your dressing table and the size of the mirror. You want to choose a mirror size that fits well without overwhelming the area. One surefire way to get the right mirror size is to measure your dressing table, taking into account the width and height restrictions. This measurement will serve as a guideline for when you go mirror shopping. 


2: Placement

You have to decide if you are going to place the mirror on the dressing table or you'll mount it on the wall. Either way, ensure the mirror is positioned at a comfortable height for easy use. One simple rule of thumb is to position the mirror at eye level, so you don't have to crouch or stretch to get a level view of yourself. 


3: Lighting Conditions

Evaluate the lighting in your dressing area. If your room happens to be blessed with natural lighting then you can get a regular mirror but if not, you'll probably need to consider getting a  mirror with artificial lighting. This will enhance your reflection and improve the overall grooming experience.


4: Magnification Needs

If you're always performing detailed grooming tasks like makeup application or shaving, then consider a mirror with magnification, typically provided by concave mirrors. 


5: Style and Aesthetics

Just because it's a mirror doesn't mean it should be boring. Mirrors can serve dual purposes, for viewing yourself and as an artistic part of your room's decor. Consider choosing a mirror that complements the overall style of your dressing area or bedroom. It could be framed or frameless, contemporary or vintage, depending on your taste. 


6: Adjustability

There are lots of mirror styles and options in the market and some of them allow some degree of adjustment, either tilting or swivelling. This feature enhances flexibility in viewing angles, so you may want to consider this. 


7: Quality of Reflection

Low-quality mirrors can create distortions that affect your reflection in the mirror. You want to make sure that you're investing in high-quality mirrors that not only provide a clear and distortion-free reflection but also are scratch-proof and splash-resistant.


8: Ease of Cleaning

Choose a mirror that is easy to clean and resistant to smudges or scratches. This is still in line with our previous point of getting quality mirrors, because they're easier to maintain and last longer, giving you more time for your money's worth. 


9: Budget

Lastly, set a budget for your dressing table mirror. There are various options available, and knowing your budget will help narrow down choices. Although you'll have to keep in mind that quality mirrors don't come cheap and in the long run, it'll be a worthy investment of your money.



Types of Dressing Table Mirrors

Now that you're ready to get your dream mirror, let's look at some of the best dressing table mirrors in the market.


  • Vanity MirrorsVanity mirrors are usually attached to the dressing table. They often have built-in lighting and simple frames that match the colour and style of the dressing table. 
  • Wall-Mounted Mirrors: Wall-mounted mirrors just like the name suggests are fixed to the wall, thereby saving space on your dressing table and offering a clean and modern look. 
  • Tri-fold Mirrors: Tri-fold mirrors consist of three hinged panels, and are practical for seeing multiple angles. They are often used for makeup application. 
  • Lighted Mirrors: Lighted mirrors come equipped with built-in lighting, giving your dressing areas extra brightness and visibility for grooming tasks. The lights used are usually LED lights which are common for their energy efficiency and even illumination. 
  • Frameless Mirrors: Most mirrors come with frames which can be made from wood, metal or other quality materials but frameless mirrors like the Scarlett Hollywood mirror on the other hand are just plain. They might seem basic but they provide a minimalist and modern aesthetic which blends well with various dressing table styles. 
  • Standing Mirrors: Standing mirrors are usually full-length mirrors and are not only practical for checking your outfit but also add a sense of space and openness to the room. A great option is the Keira Leaning Mirror from Hollywood Mirrors 
  • Vintage Mirrors: If the minimalist style that a frameless mirror offers is not for you, then maybe a vintage or antique mirror would suffice. These types of mirrors often feature intricate frames and decorative details that add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the dressing area. 
  • Smart Mirrors: Mirrors can be fancy and smart mirrors fall into this category. They come with features such as touchscreen controls, adjustable lighting colour temperature, and even connectivity to other devices for a modern and tech-savvy grooming experience. 
  • Handheld Mirrors: Can't afford big vanity mirrors or maybe you need something portable that you can carry with you anywhere. Then a handheld like this Flip mirror is the best pick. It provides flexibility, allowing you to bring the mirror closer for detailed tasks or even use it elsewhere in the room. 



Your mirror choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences. However, remember to consider how you use the mirror daily and what features are most important to you.

And finally, ensure that your chosen mirror enhances the aesthetics of your grooming space.

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