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How do you style your dressing table to give it that glam look and feel?


If you are looking for some dressing table ideas, you are in the right spot.


From getting dressed and putting on makeup to acting as a storage unit for your favorite piece of jewelry, we'll all agree that the dressing table is a functional piece of furniture.

Thinking of getting a dressing table? Check out our dressing table guide.


But not just that, when adequately styled, it reflects your style.


Whether you have a glamorous vanity or a minimalist setup, this post will guide you through various tips, tricks, and creative ideas to transform your dressing table into a stylish sanctuary.


From organizing essentials to incorporating decorative elements, we'll help you create a functional and visually appealing space.


Get ready to elevate your morning routine and express your unique personality through the art of dressing table styling.



Tips On How To Style Your Dressing Table

There are no rules for how to style your dressing table, but having a little idea of how and what to do can be helpful.


Here are 10 simple ways to turn your boring dressing table into a beautiful statement piece of dresser without breaking the bank or a sweat. 


1: Position Your Dressing Table Close To A Natural Light Source 

position it near a source of light

One surefire way to draw attention to your dressing table and make it a focal point in your bedroom is where and how you position it. 

The best option is near a natural light source near a window or beside the door. Placing your dressing table close to your bedroom window guarantees you always have the best light quality when applying your makeup. It also creates an airy feel in the room, making it appear more spacious. 

On the other hand, if you do not have much space between your window and bed stand, you can place your dresser by your bedroom door. This way, you still get a little of that natural lighting coming in from the hallway, plus it's a generally nice spot to get dressed. On those days when you're in a hurry to leave the house, you can easily reach the top of your dressing table, swipe on your favorite lipstick and be out the door in seconds.




2: Use Artificial Lighting

use artificial lighting

Getting a dressing table mirror with LED lights is another way to style your dressing table, making it a vanity table. Not only is it functional, but it brings life to an otherwise dull room.

A good option would be to get a dressing with the Hollywood mirror with inbuilt LED lights or bulbs across the mirror frames. While natural lighting is great, it's not always reliable, and some rooms may be dimly lit, making the extra lights from the mirrors aesthetically appealing and necessary. 

Another way to incorporate artificial lighting into your dressing table if you do not own a lighted mirror is to get those decorative multi-colored led lights or plain old Christmas lights that would do the trick.

All you have to do is get wall tags and place the lights swirly in a swirl pattern on the wall behind your dresser or better still, hang/ stick them to the frame of your mirror, the dressing table, and to the floor to give off that cool ambiance light that sets the mood for date night with your special person.



3: Decorate The Walls With Family Portraits, Artistic Frames or A Fancy Clock

decorate the walls

Are you struggling with decor inspiration for your dressing table?

The dressing table may sometimes be too much of a beauty, so adding lots of other decorative items to it may be a bit distracting.

But who says you can't decorate the wall behind the dresser? One way to keep things simple, stylish, and homely is to hang a picture of yourself or your family on the wall. If you're not that type of person, you could use a big art mural as a backdrop to cover up the wall behind the dresser. And lastly, a fancy wall clock would also add to the room's beauty. Each option here acts as an eyecatcher to draw attention to the focal point, the dressing table.



4: Decorate Your Mirror


If your dressing table has a plain old round, square, or rectangular-shaped mirror, you can spice things up by adding decorative stickers to the edges. This idea is perfect for styling your kids' dressing table. The rule here is to sticker the mirror's edges so it doesn't look messy. And, of course, you don't want stickers in the center blocking your view while you get dressed.



5: Declutter and Organise Your Personal Space Using Trays

 decluster the spaces

Dressing tables are our go-to dumping ground for our lady bits like used makeup brushes and products, hair products, tangled-up jewelry, and even forgotten toiletries that should be in the bathroom.

We've all been guilty of leaving the top of our dressers messy and disorganized. But that can be changed by simply using trays to organize all your items. Get different sizes of trays holding your makeup brushes, makeup and skincare care products, and a separate tray for your jewelry and any other odd items you may want to store. 

Another smart way to keep the top of your dresser clutter free and organized is to get a dress with built-in drawers.

The number of drawers will depend on your storage needs, and if you already have a small dresser with a limited number of drawers, getting drawer dividers would be your next best option. Take it further by getting a jewelry box with different compartments to help you better organize your jewelry.



6: Place Tall Accessories By The Side Of Your Dresser

place tall accessories

Placing a tall lamp stand by the side of your dresser is a nice way to elevate your room's overall look. But if you already have a bedside lamp, you can opt for a tall pillar candle or houseplant. For the house plant, we recommend a brightly colored tall and narrow vase with faux flowers for that chic dressing table look.




7: Get A Fancy Chair

get a fancy chair

We've been talking about things you can do to style your dressing table but don't forget that every dresser needs a chair or stool if you're tight on space, and you can style that too. 

First, start by choosing a chair with bright color and texture. That way, it stands out in the bedroom. You can also change the texture by adding different materials, such as faux fur, to your plain old chair to give it a makeover. 

Another trick to a stylish-looking dressing table area is ensuring your chair isn't too big. A bigger chair will feel out of place, making your room look disorganized. A great substitute would be a stool. Although you may not have back support while sitting on it, it'll be easier to slot under your dressing table after you're done, leaving you more space. For a luxurious feel, get a velvet stool in a color that matches your room's decor.



8: Add A Splash Of Colours

add splash of colors

Most dressing tables come in white, black, and different shades of wood finishes which are cool if you're into minimalist decor, but if you want to bring some character into your space, getting a colorful dresser is your sure bet. You can also upcycle your vintage table by repainting a bright color like peach or sky blue to make it stand out. A mix of different colors could also give your dresser that bohemian vibe which is also stylish.



9: Personalize Your Dresser


What better way to style your dressing table than to add a touch of your personal effects? It could be as simple as placing jewellery box, vase of flowers, your favorite books or magazine on the top, a scented candle, a diffuser, and mini photo frames. Generally, anything that makes you happy or inspired.


10: Search Online For Inspiration

If you're yet to get a dressing table for your bedroom and need help deciding, we'd suggest browsing the internet. You'll see loads of dressing table styles to match whatever decor and color scheme you already have. Better still, why not draw inspiration from our post on the difference?





Dressing tables should be functional furniture, but who says they have to be boring? You can always style that to reflect your personality to give off that homely, chic, or baddie vibe. 

Whichever one you're into, implement one or more of the abovementioned tips to bring your dressing table area to life.


Just a quick recap, you can decide to place your dresser near a natural light source, such as the window, or use artificial lighting, such as mirrors with lights. You could also try decorating the walls and the mirror. Use trays and drawer dividers to keep your items organized and clutter-free. Get a nice chair for your dresser, or give it a makeover by repainting the whole thing.


Let us know which tips you'll try first in the comments.



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