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Owning a business in college is a great way to gain financial freedom while learning the ropes of the real business world.

An added badge of ‘successful entrepreneur’ on your academic credentials elevates your portfolio.

With the beauty market raising and vast demand for the makeup artists, one can easily turn the hobby into a business while still pursuing their academics in the local campus. Mixing creativity, passion and business skills in your make up can help you generate money that can pay for the expensive tuition fee.


What Makes a Good Makeup Artist?

The first step before starting any business is soul searching your saleable skills. Any successful enterprise is highly dependent on a specific skill set and expertise.

Moreover, it means staying updated with the current trends. Apart from reading research papers from, you must research latest trends on Pinterest, or Snapchat.

Here are other core areas you must possess to test your creativity, passion, and skill to begin your new business venture:


1: Attention to Detail

A good makeup artist must pay close attention to detail to ensure the look encapsulates all the client’s requirements. This means applying different shades and textures to achieve the anticipated appearance.


2: Practice and Experience

What works best for a freelance artist is practice and experience. Every moment should be treated as a lesson that can make you more profound. The first option includes attending shows and events with real masters in the beauty sphere. The other alternative is making mock makeup tutorials with your closest friends or family.


3: Visual Skills

Last-level makeup ministries heavily depend on their visual skills for a better output. This means in-depth knowledge of mixing and blending colors and shades while applying shadows for your clientele. It would help if you worked with different materials, such as brushes, lip pencils, foundation, base primer, and gels.


4: Dexterity

Clumsy hands will make your makeup sessions uncomfortable for your customers. Hence, it would help to have nimble hands to create precise lines and hand-eye coordination.


How to Get Your Makeup Business Noticed

After growing your skills, it’s time to get your business noticed. College is the perfect hunting ground to entice potential customers.

Here are marketing ideas to get your new business noticed:


1: Business Cards

One of the easiest ways of spreading awareness about your new venture is through business cards. Design an eye-catching business card that details your business name, location, and services. Add a creative logo representing your business, such as brushstrokes, lashes, or mascara.

Work with a creative graphic designer to design these business cards to capture the attention of your potential clientele. Hand out these cards to your target audience at the gate’s entrance or hangout spots on campus.


2: Attend Makeup Artistry Affairs

Start showcasing your current works at affairs near your area. Rent a booth and use your buddies as props to display your portfolio. It helps your target audience understand what they’re signing up for. In addition, offer discount prices to the first customers who visit your booth.


3: Post Tutorial Videos on Social Media

Social media exposes your content to millions of viewers interested in makeup content. Hence, capitalize on the algorithms from Instagram and TikTok to cast your tutorials to a bigger audience. Curating a large following on social media is bound to convince your fellow college mates to try out some of your services.

4: Try Collaborations

The college space is full of aspiring models, influencers, or makeup artists sharing their ingredients. Partner with such aspiring individuals to grow your fan base. Use the space to showcase various makeup applications relevant to the taste and preference of your clients. Also, such models and influencers could be referred to as direct customers.


5: Build a Stellar Portfolio

You have a portfolio, which is a collection of your masterpieces. With that being said, blend in high resolution images and videos of your previous customers in different outfits from the past. As an expert, you want to venture into other genres such as weddings, engagements, office looks, and normal day looks. This will mean that you can have a look that your clients can easily access.


6: Growing Your Freelance Gig

Growing from a freelance makeup ‘beautypreneur’ to a fully-fledged business empire takes time and courage. Embrace the tough challenge and uncertainties in the business landscape with these procedures:


7: Stay Updated With Trends

Staying ahead of your competition on campus means adding the latest makeup trends to your portfolio. Read online reviews and beauty magazines about new products in the market. Watch tutorials from top influencers to adopt new techniques.


8: Keep Prices Competitive

Remember that students are operating on a tight budget. Some need help to  buy essays online and pay tuition fees. Therefore, offer affordable prices that are budget-friendly to them. This doesn’t imply offering free services. Research market rates around your area to price your services accordingly.


9: Exclusive Discounts

An ingenious technique to catch new and existing customers to your business is exclusive discounts. The incentives proves that you’re intent on offering first rate service. For instance, cut off a small percentage off your pricing package for newbie clients. Also, complimentary services such as skin care consultations should be provided.


10: Expand Your Empire

Amassing to a large audience means offering various services apart from the main hustle. It means specializing in related services such as hair styling, workshops, stage makeup, special effects, skincare consultations, DIY workshops, and nail painting.


11: Blogging/Vlogging

You can create your channel and post the makeup-related content on its regular base. Try to specialize in some make-up aspect, so after coming up with your favorite niche, hire a photographer who will help you. Promote you and your photo with small scale influencers and YouTubers. We think this is a perfect idea, as usually these people have not that much range as wide-scale influencers, but being honest, these influencers seem to be more trustworthy and easy-going.


12: Provide Private Makeup Lessons

Be open to bookings and appointments from your clientele for private makeup services or lessons. Start by creating a mobile workstation that carries all your makeup tools. Include transportation costs in the final pricing.


Key Note

Growing an empire on campus differentiates normal students from entrepreneurs. Running a successful makeup enterprise calls for focus, passion, and determination. You must always evolve as the beauty industry changes.


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