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How many of us own a product we bought because it was recommended by an influencer we follow?

People find that they can follow celebs and other influencers they love and want to know about and this can help them to find their ‘tribe’ of people with similar interests.


Some people chat about “influencers” and don’t really understand what they are and the role they play.

Fashion and beauty have a load of different beauty influencers working in the field, and a lot of people aspire to emulate them too.

So how are they changing the fashion and beauty world?



Diversity is becoming more widespread in fashion. People from different perspectives and backgrounds can come to the forefront, challenging traditional beauty standards and promoting inclusivity.


Taylor Winn is a hugely popular online influencer with millions of followers on different platforms.

She surprised some people by revealing she was Jewish, too. She’s one of the high-profile  Jewish celebrities traveling the world and making a difference.


Aimee Song uses her platform to celebrate Asian heritage and promote diverse fashion.

Her influence extends beyond just style; it contributes to a broader conversation about cultural representation too. People can rise to the top without gatekeepers and gain millions of followers.


Black fashion and beauty has a range of different, important influencers, too. Tamu McPherson is a top example, and she has over half a million followers on Instagram alone. Besides Insta, she’s gone a step further and created  All The Pretty Birds, a magazine-style media experience.

Connecting People With Brands

Influencers’ whole role is connecting people with brands, really, with a crucial role in connecting fashion brands with their target audiences.


Trusted influencers can do something adverts can’t; showcase products in a relatable and authentic manner. People love that they share personal experiences and style tips, making their followers feel like they’re getting advice from a friend rather than a commercial, and people love the fact that people give these individual experiences and share what they’ve been up to.


Chiara Ferragni, the founder of The Blonde Salad, is a top example – as she started as a fashion blogger and has now become a global fashion icon. By sharing her personal style and life experiences, Ferragni has built a loyal following that trusts her recommendations. Brands leverage this trust to reach consumers, too.


Engagement is a big part of this. People like the fact they can comment and chat and be part of a community, and regular folk buying clothes and choosing fashion brands appreciate their genuine opinions and personal style.

Following on Instagram and YouTube to receive beauty tips can make it feel more like they’re a friend, and authenticity translates into higher engagement rates.


Body-positive influencer Ashley Graham is a top example, and she’s even done a lot of modeling now – she has fostered a community that values inclusivity and diversity and doesn’t judge people based on body type. Some big brands that offer plus sizes are very keen to be involved, and her authentic engagement with her followers has made her a trusted voice in the fashion industry, influencing how brands approach different body types.

Spreading Trends

Influencers have brought power to the individual!  When influencers quickly adopt and showcase new styles it often means they often dictate what’s in vogue. When an influencer posts a photo wearing a particular outfit or accessory, it can go viral and suddenly it is everywhere – this can make or break a whole fashion brand.


Kylie Jenner wears a new type of sneaker or handbag, and it often sells out within hours. She’s an arbitrary example of influence on fashion, and sometimes it is about what goes viral on  TikTok or other social media platforms. It can have an immediate impact on consumer behavior highlighting the power influencers wield in the fashion industry.


Something can be worn in one event and completely sold out within minutes. Instagram influencers might share a special sale on their page and suddenly the sales go through the roof. Social media has created a very different world when it comes to spreading information.

Gone are the days when fashion designers would dream of being mentioned in a magazine and that was the main route to success. Now, even a small brand can suddenly become big if an influencer supports it.


People may not think of themselves as following influencers, as they may just think of these people as the accounts they’re interested in. In truth, the number of people who follow influencers is huge.

There are levels to it. Somebody with 10,000 followers can still be an influencer if they have a loyal base of fans, while some can have millions or even tens of millions of followers.


Fashion and beauty are a different monster now compared to even 10 or 15 years ago. The evolving landscape puts a huge level of power in the hands of creators. 

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