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Students like following trends, and the makeup industry has never been an exception to this rule. We collected some advice on organizing a makeup kit for a student that will follow trends and be reasonable. Read more in our article.

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What is a makeup kit?

A makeup kit is a set of basic and additional makeup products that fits your type and style. All the products in the kit must be ideally combined and adjusted for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Here are some must-haves for students who wish to be confident in their makeup daily.



Let us begin from the basics. The foundation is the first item each student should add to their makeup kit. The foundation is a product for face makeup. It is used to be applied all over your face and creates a foundation for other makeup products you will use further. The foundation's purpose is to stabilize your skin's structure and avoid overloading the skin with the underlying soil. 


Students widely use concealers as a foundation as well. However, this product aims not to create a base for the rest of your makeup but to hide imperfections on your skin. For example, it could be dark circles, blemishes, age spots, etc. Thanks to concealer, you can easily blend all the problematic zones to get a fresher look, thanks to your makeup. Concealer is one of the mainproducts for your makeup kit, and it is possible to use it daily if needed.


It is crucial to add eyeliner to your makeup kit because this is one of the universal products each student can apply, no matter what makeup style you like. Eyeliners aim to define the eye and add some drama to your makeup. It could be a pencil or a liquid eyeliner because a lot depends on your skin type and which product suits you better. Consider your type and style when you are choosing a color of concealer. The most popular color for concealer is black. However, not all students like this option because some concealers in brown or bright colors can fit you better.


Another must-have for a student makeup kit is mascara. This product is applied to the eyelashes, making them look thicker, longer, and darker. With mascara, you get a more dramatic look and make your eye makeup brighter. There are many different mascaras nowadays in cosmetic stores. You can use clear mascaras, which serve as primers to thicken the lashes without adding any color, or colored mascaras, which can be black, brown, green, blue, red, etc. Choosing the right mascara for your eyelashes could be a challenge, so often, you should try several ones to find the best for you. 

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Blush serves to add some color to your cheeks and gives a more natural look to your makeup. However, one can use blush not only to get a fresher look but also to sculpt the face because it can be a facelift if you want to change the look a bit. To choose a good blush for yourself, consider the color type of your skin and the tone of your skin. There are two more widespread types of blush powder or cream blush. You can try both. To understand the difference and choose the perfect one.

Eyeshadow palette

You also need to add to your makeup kit an eye shadow palette that can offer a wide range of colors that fit your skin type and tone. The palette allows you to create various eye makeup for any occasion. Choosing a palette with a mix of natural and colorful shades is more suitable.

Lip gloss/lipstick

Of course, any makeup kit must contain various lip glosses and lipsticks that let you create great makeup for your lips. Depending on your style and skin tone, you must choose some basic colors to complement your looks. One of the must-haves is the red lipstick.

Additional items

Any student makeup kid must contain certain makeup products listed above and some crucial instruments and tools that help to create and remove makeup. You should add different types of brushes to your makeup kit, which must include a brush for foundation, beauty blender, eyeshadow brush, sponges, etc. Also, choose an eco-friendly makeup remover to remove your makeup every day before you sleep properly.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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