Grey Mirrors


Grey mirrors could be the perfect way to add something special to your home. A colour often associated with sophistication and modernity, grey has been growing increasingly popular in the last couple of years, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their furniture, without choosing too bold of a colour.

Grey mirrors can work well with a range of accessories, from colourful throws rugs to black and white blinds, cushions, and ornaments. Whether you’re trying to create a monochrome aesthetic in your home, ideal for a contemporary apartment or you want more of an industrial vibe, we’ve got the grey framed mirrors to suit your needs.

Grey framed mirrors

Our selection of grey mirrors come in a range of price, size, and style options, so you can choose the mirror perfect for your home. You can even mix and match these amazing mirrors with pops of colour or metallic shades like gold and silver, to create an art deco vibe.

Common in minimalist, Scandinavian-style homes, grey mirrors are a great way to add the ultimate finishing touch to your dining room, living room, garden or bedroom. Browse through our collection below to find the grey mirror you’ve been searching for.

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