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Our modern led bathroom mirrors with lights are the future using energy-efficient led technology.

Not only do they look great and provide enhanced lighting for helping you get ready whether it be doing your hair, plucking your eyebrows or having a shave.

For smaller steamy bathrooms we have heated WC mirrors that come with a demister pad so that they stay clear all the time. Not only are they ultra-slim and stylish they also come with an on and off infrared sensor switch wave your hand underneath, how cool is that it's like space age.

We have a wide range of sizes to suit your basin space and also selected illuminated bathroom mirrors with a shaver socket.

All our mirrors come with a 5-year warranty and the lifetime of the led bulbs is an incredible 120,000 hours if you spend that long looking at yourself see a doctor you're too vain.

The mirror in the bathroom are splash proof, and IP44 rated for zones 2 and three as well as CE and ROHS certified for your safety. For those that don't want to deal with electrical installation, we have battery operated led mirrors.


What are the benefits of purchasing a Hollywood vanity mirror?

Buying one of our exquisite beauty mirrors with lights is a practical and chic purchase that enhances your interiors

  • Create your favourite makeup look with ease. Our vanity makeup mirrors boast cool white lightbulbs to create optimal lighting for you to get ready in. Pluck your eyebrows or apply makeup in the best light possible with the touch sensor dimmer
  • Our light up makeup mirror are extremely versatile – place them on your vanity desk in their matching stand for the ultimate movie star glamour or fix them to the wall to take the best selfies.
  • Use the dimmer switch to create glamorous looks, from bronzed beauty to English rose.
  • Transform your vanity area with the elegance of an illuminated mirror with led lights. Boasting sleek aesthetics, to add a hint of LA luxe to your home.
  • Follow in the footsteps of your favourite beauty guru by using one of our extraordinary table top mirrors or wall mirror with lights. Applying make up has never been easier, thanks to the close-up reflection you receive. Tweeze your eyebrows and complete your grooming routine the smart way!
  • Save money on your electricity bills with an energy-efficient mirror with LED lighting – the smart way to illuminate your dressing table and stool area.
  • Our vanity mirrors come in a range of sizes, which can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the design. Perfect for both small or large spaces, you're able to showcase your mirror however you desire.
  • Premium craftsmanship makes our perfect mirrors the highest possible quality. We even offer a lifetime guarantee so you can be confident of your purchase.
  • All vanity bulbs have a life expectancy of 5 years.
  • All our illuminated vanity mirrors meet UK health and safety standards to give you the assurance you need that you're making a safe and reliable purchase.


What size of Mirror should I buy?

We are proud to offer a range of sizes so you'll be able to find a suitable vanity mirror design to adorn in your home.

When buying your Hollywood makeup mirror, we recommend measuring the area you intend to place your new beauty accessory. This may be your vanity table itself or the wall where you are going to fix your mirror.

For small areas, we suggest purchasing a smaller size of mirror, such as the Meryl Mirror Wall Mounted 60 x 60cm.

However, this product is wall mounted only. If you're searching for a mirror that can be placed on your dressing table, we suggest purchasing the 80x60cm size of the mirror. This size is perfect for placing on a small dressing table or chest of drawers and has the versatile option also to be hung on the wall.

Alternatively, The Halle Round Freestanding Mirror is a great option for those who are searching for opulent vanity girl Hollywood lighting in freestanding mode.

For larger spaces, you have the luxury of choosing from larger mirrors that can be fixed to your wall or placed on a beauty unit. Our Scarlett Large Mirror With Light bulbs Around It is 70x100cm and offers a wide beauty accessory with 13 lightbulbs on it. However, if you desire a long light up mirror that can be fixed to a wall, our 80x110cm size of the mirror is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of your spacious area.


How do I install my mirror?

Luckily, the illuminated makeup mirror installation process is super easy. If your new mirror is freestanding or you want to adorn it on your makeup table, simply place your mirror in the matching stand that comes with your purchase, and you're good to go!

However, if you prefer to hang your new mirror on the wall, then you will need to ensure its fixed properly.

First, you need to decide whether you wish to hang your mirror portrait or landscape style (some of our vanity mirrors can only be fixed in one style, so please check beforehand).

We recommend placing your mirror landscape style in large spaces and portrait style in smaller areas. A screw attachment is ideal so your vanity mirror is securely attached to the wall. In this case, use a spirit level to ensure your mirror is going to be hung correctly.

Next, lightly mark on the wall the top corners of the mirror with a pencil. Halfway between these two points, make a light mark on the wall (it's best to measure this precisely).

At the back of the mirror, pull the cord taut, measure the top of the frame to the cord. Place this measurement on the wall by working down from the central measurement. This is where you'll place your hook to hang your lighted mirror.

Drill a hole into the wall and push the wall plug into it. Screw this into place, leaving a few millimetres at the end so the cord of the mirror can be placed over the hook.

Alternatively, if you're working with a hollow wall, you'll need to use a carpenter's awl in the wall to determine if the section is hollow or contains a timber stud. If you have a timber stud, you can insert the screw directly into the space and hang your picture. If it's hollow, you'll need to insert a spiral plug. Place a screw into the plug and make sure you have a tight fit.

Hang your mirror. Finally, double-check your beauty mirror is level by using a spirit level. All our vanity mirrors come with a 3 pin plug, but if you prefer to hardwire the mirror into the mains, then you will need to contact an electrician.


What lights do our Hollywood mirrors use?

Our makeup mirrors use golf ball LED bulbs to illuminate your vanity area and enhance your makeup application. Incandescent bulbs can be used, but they're not recommended as they can get hot and burn you.

Our cool white mirror light LED bulbs are safe to touch and are eco-friendly. Yes! Our energy-efficient lights will save you money on your electricity bills so you can help the environment and save money at the same time. Furthermore, our bulbs have a life expectancy of 5 years,