Light Bulb Mirrors

See our fantastic range of Hollywood Light Bulb Mirrors designed in the UK complete with a lifetime guarantee. Our range of illuminated makeup mirrors provides the best setting for getting ready in for starting your day or for a special night out.


The benefits of the illuminated mirror are that you will quite literally see yourself in a better light and it also illuminates up an area of the bedroom or dressing room where there tend to be no lamps. People tend to rely on the natural light to do their makeup and hair close to a window, but this can be hit and miss depending on the time of day and the weather. The light up mirror has a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light intensity to suit your needs. The result is better to make up, retouching and plucking eyebrows


The Hollywood Mirror is a great looking statement piece for your room giving it a very glamorous. The mirror uses LED bulbs, which are energy-efficient and more eco-friendly than filament bulbs. The bulbs are cool and safe to touch so are safe to have on if you have children. The light bulbs also last a lot longer around five years is the average lifespan of the bulb compared to regular bulbs, which can last anything from a year of below.


The Hollywood mirrors are easy to install compared to other illuminated mirrors on the market as they come with a three-pin plug so can go straight into the mains and do not need to be hard wired by an electrician. There is an option to have them hard-wired and the cable hidden into the wall if that is what the user prefers.