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Are you ready to get some early deals ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season?

Black Friday is around the corner for shoppers to experience the biggest shopping event of the year.

We've rounded up everything you need to know, from safety tips to how to avoid scams and fraud, along with the best Hollywood mirrors you could shop for to enjoy the ongoing amazing offers. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday brings huge lines at shopping malls and massive internet discounts. It is an annual shopping event that began in the United States to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It used to be a one-day sale, but it has since expanded to four days.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

The name "Black Friday" was coined in 1950s Philadelphia by the local police department to describe the city's massive traffic jams, jammed streets, and crowded storefronts on the day after Thanksgiving.

How Long Does Black Friday Last in the UK?

Black Friday has expanded over the years into a big international shopping event that normally lasts from Friday to Monday (called Cyber Monday) every year. Nowadays, it usually runs over a week, throughout November and into December. 

Is Black Friday the Same Date Every Year?

No, it’s not. It is usually the day after Thanksgiving each year, and Thanksgiving is always the third Thursday of November in the United States. Since the date of Thanksgiving varies, so does Black Friday. 

When is Black Friday 2023 in the UK?

The final Friday of November is often when Black Friday occurs. It will run from Friday, November 24, through Cyber Monday, November 27, inclusive, meaning Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26 will also be part of the sale period. 

Many retailers, including the likes of Amazon, usually launch their Black Friday sale landing pages on their website days before, sometimes even a week ahead of the sale.

What is Cyber Monday?

The Monday following Thanksgiving in the United States is referred to as Cyber Monday in marketing terms. It was developed by businesses as a way to entice customers to shop online.

This year, it will fall on Monday, November 27, 2023, the first Monday immediately following Black Friday sales. The 24-hour online shopping event is typically centered on tech sales, but more retailers, including those in the fashion and beauty sectors, have started to provide special offers and discounts on this day over the years.

What's the Difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The key distinction between the two sales is that Black Friday features both online and in-store, while Cyber Monday, as the name implies, only occurs online. If you miss the Black Friday offer, the sale extends over the weekend and ends on Cyber Monday, giving you one last chance to save money.

Black Friday typically offers the best discounts on tech products and home appliances, while Cyber Monday offers greater savings on toys, fashion, and beauty products. 

How to Avoid Black Friday Scams and Fraud

According to data from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), consumers were defrauded of £15.3 million in 2021 during the sale bonanza and Christmas shopping season (November 2021 to January 2022). Each victim lost an average of £1,000.

As a result, the NCSC has provided online consumers with recommendations, such as setting up two-step verification on accounts and using random-word passwords, to help stop cybercriminals from accessing their bank, email, or shopping accounts.

When paying for your orders, the NCSC advises using payment platforms like PayPal, Google, or Apple Pay for added security. 

Researching online merchants and reading user reviews for new websites are equally crucial. Additionally, every time you pay, check the site URL bar for the closed padlock icon, which denotes a secure connection.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

  • Set a budget
  • Make a wish list
  • Look for the best early deals
  • Follow your favorite brands
  • Plan for the crowds
  • Before you shop, review the return policies and costs
  • Utilize the private browsing mode or disable cookies when shopping
  • Look for the lock in the URL
  • Use a price comparison tool
  • Avoid using online stores that ask for more information than is necessary to complete the transaction
  • Use money-saving shopping apps
  • Get cashback on what you spend


What is the Best Deal to Shop for? 

You can get great deals across practically all categories of Hollywood mirrors to shop this 2023. Hollywood mirrors are constructed specifically with high-quality materials, in addition to their spectacular appearance. 


1: Hollywood Crystal Pro Vanity Mirror 80 x 60cm

With a dimmer switch and cool white light that can reach up to 5292 lumens, you can create the perfect environment for your glam session. Warm, neutral, and cool light settings are all dimmable with the touch button.

All of this is contained in a sleek 90-cm-long, 26-cm-deep, 80 x 60-cm-wide mirror.  The LED strips are changeable, and the bulbs have an astounding 50,000 hours of life. For your convenience, mount it to the wall; all fixtures and fittings are supplied.


2: Renée Bluetooth Hollywood Mirror White 30 x 25cm


360-degree unrestricted rotation provides a better viewing angle for those perfect selfie photographs. This Renée is great for getting dressed in luxury, as it provides natural and soft illumination for your dressing room or bedroom. This amazing mirror is appreciated by cosmetic artists and influencers all over the world. 

It has a set of 9 LED bulbs with a 4,000k color temperature or a daylight 6,000k temperature. Height of 30cm and a length of 25 cm, plus a cable length of 160cm.


3: Audrey Hollywood Mirror in White Gloss 100 x 80cm


This Mirror is unquestionably for you, whether you're a makeup professional, a beauty expert, or simply attempting to get the ideal "Instagram shot" or Snapchat video.

It has a height of 80cm, width of 100cm, depth of 6cm and base length of  108cm, base depth of 26cm. This high-quality vanity mirror has 11 x 3 Watt cool LED bulbs, which will provide you with the ideal amount of brightness to apply makeup more easily. 

It has a high-gloss white base that allows you to mount it on the wall or leave it free-standing on your vanity to save space for your cosmetics. You can adjust the quantity of light emitted with the clever touch dimmer control switch to create the ideal lighting and atmosphere.


4: Antique Black Large Harrelson Mirror

This mirror is a beautiful addition to your living room thanks to its antique black finish and baroque moldings.  It is large with 1,670 mm in height and 800 mm in width.


5: LED Compact Travel Makeup Mirror White 20cm x 13.5cm

This compact mirror is close to the size of an iPad mini for easy fitting into your handbag when traveling. It is a foldable compact mirror with a USB charger lead for phone charging. You can enjoy this LED Compact Travel Makeup Mirror wherever you go. It offers a strong, cold white light that surrounds the mirror to aid in applying cosmetics perfectly and has three light settings, which include neutral, warm white, and cool white. A touch-sensitive dimmer switch is also present to adjust the brightness. 


6: Handheld Flip Mirror with Light


Enjoy a portable mirror that you can use anywhere to maintain your great appearance. It is integrated with a rechargeable battery, and LED lights, and has a diameter of 10.5cm.

This Handheld Flip Mirror with Light is the ideal travel companion to help you maintain your elegant look wherever you go. The light turns on automatically as you pull out the handle and swing it open.


7: Cosmetic Makeup Mirror Pink Diameter 20cm

A 3x Magnification Attachment is included with this Cosmetic Makeup Mirror Pink with a 20cm Diameter, making it a smart purchase. There are three lighting options: warm, neutral, and cool. It also features a USB rechargeable battery, and you can alter the brightness by merely touching the dimmer switch.


8: Olsen Hollywood Mirror White 50 x 39cm


This amazing mirror has a set of 12 LED lamps with a 4,000k color temperature or a daylight 6,000k temperature. That means you get to choose the ideal environment for you. With 360-degree unrestricted rotation, you can position your mirror to provide a better viewing angle for those perfect selfies.

It has a mirror size of 30 x 40cm and doesn’t require a replacement bulb. You can turn the light on and off by simply pressing the sensor switch on the screen. The built-in memory ensures that the next time you turn on your lights, they will automatically return to your set brightness.


9: Compact Travel Mirror with Light - White 25 x 19cm


Cool white light surrounds this compact travel mirror to aid in applying makeup beautifully. With the USB charger cable included, you can power your phone from this foldable, sleek mirror.


10: Hepburn Hollywood Mirror 80x60cm

The 11 x 3 Watt cool LED bulbs in this premium Hollywood mirror provide the ideal amount of brightness for easier cosmetics application. It has a high-gloss white base that allows you to mount it on the wall or leave it free-standing on the table to save space for your cosmetics. You can adjust the quantity of light emitted with the clever dimmer control switch to create the ideal lighting and atmosphere.


Fun Facts About Black Friday

  • Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers, sewer, and drain services
  • According to CNN, over 12% of Thanksgiving shoppers turn up at stores under the influence of alcohol
  • Conditions hit a low in 2011 when a California woman pepper sprayed Walmart shoppers
  • Since 2006, there have been seven fatalities and 98 injuries related to shopping, the majority of which were caused by stampeding and occasionally aggressive crowds
  • Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran are the nations that do not participate in Black Friday
  • Black Friday became the biggest shopping day of the year in 2001

Why You Should Take Advantage of this Year's Black Friday

There will be a huge selection of discounts and offers available for you. You can start shopping now for some of the best early bird deals that are currently available on Hollywood Mirrors.

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