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The new college dormitory rooms range from suites flooded with natural light to bare cinder block walls and linoleum floors.

So, do not worry if you are less impressed when first seeing your new college housing unit.

There is so much that can be done with a blank canvas of a college dorm room – and we’re here to help make your place feel like a second home where you can relax, have a good night's sleep, and comfortably do college assignments.

So, check these recommendations for decorating your college dorm.


1. Review Your College Housing Office

Before starting any preparation for college dormitories, you should go through all the information concerning housing to know what is provided, what is expected, and what is allowed. Some colleges give such guidelines beforehand, which might help you avoid bringing the halogen lamp or extension cord (many colleges ban their usage entirely).

Moreover, your institution of housing department will also come in handy when packing. Most of them have some recommendations regarding basic supplies every student going to college should remember: such as carrying flashlights, umbrellas, laundry bags, and shower gel carriers among others.


Tip: It may also keep you from overpacking if you know the dimensions of your room in advance or have too many wall décor ideas.


2. Don’t Forget Those Touches from Home

If you’re going away to college for the first time, it might be that this is the first time you’ll ever live away from home. Nonetheless, you can still take some parts of your home with you. For me, it was my notebook with all the useful sources, which made  write my paper easier and faster for me because I had developed a working outline. Try to balance this. Take only the most dear or important things to you.

Tip: Use smaller and sturdier things from back home where possible. Don’t shy away from things that show who you are at heart.


3. It’s All About the Bedding

Check bed sizes provided in dorms; some are standard twins, while others are twin XLs calling for new bedding sets and sheets, at least. Look out for back-to-school deals to save money on purchases. For a bit of style, throw pillows can be considered great additions here. If there are already spare throw pillows stored somewhere in your house, fresh covers can do wonders for them when used properly so that they stand out more vividly than ever before.

Tip: Consider getting a bedding skirt if you’ve been using the space underneath your bed to store things so that you can hide those boxes.


4. Wall Plants Frenzy

When decorating your room, putting stuff on walls can make it more individualized and show what is unique about you. A wall with photos, postcards, print, or clipping galleries will do wonders in a space that is constrained otherwise.

Tip: Although sprucing up your walls is going to add character and make you feel at home, it is important to leave some white spaces so they are not overcrowded.


5. Choose Your Carpet

Though not essential for university life, a cheap rug could help you bring a warmer atmosphere into an empty dormitory and, therefore, give it a more homely look and feel.

Tip: Save some money by checking whether there are extra curtains or rugs in the house that you can carry with you when coming back. Also, your local Buy Nothing group might have solid options and assist neighbors in de-cluttering themselves.


6. Coordinate, Don’t Duplicate

To prepare for college by shopping for supplies and packing, you should discuss with your roommate how you will handle these expenses. Few conversations or calls can help you know who buys what and what to share.

Also, if you are into decorations, try agreeing on a theme, color scheme, and design with your roommate before the first semester begins.

Tip: Share a document that displays all the items each of you will bring and those that will be shared.


7. Storage, Storage, Storage – and Organization

Small rooms are usually assigned to freshmen in colleges. Use creative storage solutions (think vertical) to get the most out of your area. Moreover, product designers have been developing many new ideas about how to use space-saving furniture in their manufacturing process. Otherwise, drawer dividers can be used to organize dressers and desk drawers.

Tip: Transforming a filing cabinet or storage trunk into a chair? Just add some cushion on top!


8. Work on Space Where You Study

Even though you may use college library or lounges for studying, a tidy desk is one of the most important places in your room at college. With proper desk,  harmonizing remote job and study will be easy and simple. Keep it clean but welcoming. For that you can add some toy for destressing.

Finish off with some personal touches to stimulate your studying process: a motivational picture that will remind you why you’re studying so hard.

Tip: Remember to buy a desk lamp so that you don’t spend all night straining to see the textbook you’re trying to read. A desk lamp can also help make your work and study area brighter without disturbing your roommate, who may be sleeping.


9. Lofty Goals for How to Decorate Dorm Rooms

How you arrange your furniture is another thing that you should consider when it comes to decorating your dorm room. To optimize your space, find out if the college dorm allows alteration of bed height. It could be lofted completely with an under-bed study or lounge area or raised enough to create valuable storage space underneath.

Tip: You might want to check with your college dorm about getting a lofted or raised bed before moving in so that everything can be ready from day one. For such changes, some colleges require a prior request, and this process might delay the feeling of being at home in your new dormitory.


10. Dorm Decor Ideas Start With Shaking Things Up

Start by making sure your furniture is in place before brainstorming any specific ideas concerning dorm decor.

Tip: Make sure you don’t block windows because through these means natural light is let in.



In conclusion, these simple tips can help you transform your dorm room into a comfortable and personal space for studying and relaxing.

Just follow these simple steps and add some personal items to make it feel like home; you can take advantage of that little space available by customizing it to match your preference.

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